Tuesday, May 24, 2011

DX Stove demonstration video -Presented by Justin "Trauma" Lichter-

Justin has been hiking in Himalaya since end of Feb. Before he left USA, Justin did a great demonstration on EVERNEW DX STOVE SYSTEM.
The Weather was snowy and temperature was cold, but the stove worked great on the 15 feet of snow in Lake Tahoe.

Thank you Trauma! See you soon!

Here is another Video for the Alcohol Stove.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Water Carry Review -by Ocean Mountain Sky-

Gear Review: Evernew Water Carry

Evernew Water Carry SizesThe Evernew Water Carry is a hydration system that consists of a lightweight water bladder constructed with a 3-layer system with low odor polyethylene. The Water Carry has a gusseted bottom, an orange screw lid attached with a plastic strap and some shock cord tied around the neck. The Water Carry comes in four different sizes with options of 0.6 L, 0.9 L, 1.5 L and 2.0 L available. Evernew’s Water Carry is also very lightweight weighing 0.9 oz/26g, 1.0 oz/29 g, 1.3 oz/36 g and 1.5 oz/42 g respectively.

Evernew Water Carry Rolled-upWhen the Water Carry is full the gusseted bottom provides a base and helps stabilize the bottom. I can sit the Water Carry down and it will stand vertically when on a relatively flat surface. When empty the Water Carry rolls up small and the shock cord wraps around it to keep it at a small volume for easy transport. The outer edges of the Water Carry curve inward midway down which make the bladder graspable with a single hand. Small hands might not be able to do this easily or at all but I love that my hand can fit around it and pick it up even when full.
Water Carry Cap Neck & White Dot DetailI love how the lid is attached to the Water Carry. This means I will not take the lid off, set it down on the ground and lose it. This also is very handy because the Water Carry and lid are not separated if I attach a drinking tube and use the Water Carry as my primary hydration bladder. Having the lid attached to the Water Carry also leaves me with two free hands to fill the Water Carry while keeping the lid close by and handy. The plastic strap attaches at the top of the lid in the center. It also attaches to the Water Carry below the screw threads with an oversized circular plastic piece which allows the strap to swivel but not come off.
Water Carry in Canyonlands NPA small, white dot is printed on the neck of the Water Carry. Instructions from Evernew explain that users need to press this dot when screwing/unscrewing the Water Carry. My wife and I took two 2.0 L and a single 1.5 L Water Carry on an 800-mile section hike of the Appalachian Trail and a few trips in the Wasatch Mountains, the Uintah Mountains and the desert southwest. We used the 2.0 L properly and pressed the dot whenever we screwed/unscrewed the Water Carrys. For the 1.5 L Water Carry I handled it like I would any other bladder but rarely pressed the dot per the manufacturer’s instructions. This resulted in small slits developing at the base of the neck after a month and a half of everyday use. The 1.5 L Water Carry leaked slightly once these developed and was unable to maintain any pressure. What I take from this is a similar lesson with most ultra light gear. I need to treat it with a little extra care and follow the manufacturer’s instruction if I want it to last. The Water Carrys we used properly are still perfectly functional and used on our trips today.
Water Carry in CampThe Evernew Water Carry is a great, lightweight tool for carrying water. It is a well thought out system. Evernew has taken measures to make sure the user does not lose the lid and makes it possible for the Water Carry to remain standing when full of liquid. It also packs down to a small volume when not in use. When used properly, the Water Carry is durable and can easily compete with the competition.


0.6 L - 0.9 oz/26 g

0.9 L - 1.0 oz/29 g

1.5 L - 1.3 oz/36 g

2.0 L - 1.5 oz/42 g


0.6 L - 9.5"x5.9"

0.9 L - 11"x5.9"

1.5 L - 13"x6.7"

2.0 L - 13"x8.3"

Price (MSRP)

0.6 L -$8.50

0.9 L - $9

1.5 L - $10

2.0 L - $11

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