Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hiker Party 2010 in Japan -Sponsored by EVERNEW-

Oct. 11 2010 in Mitaka, Japan
EVERNEW sponsored "Hiker Party 2010".
100 ultralight hikers from all around Japan participated this year.


Special guest this year was "Glen Van Peski" (GOSSAMER GEAR).

Tomo (Hiker's Depot) planned a great 3-day backpacking trip and led a group of people with Glen to beautiful Chichibu Trail before the Hiker Party.
Main event (Hiker Party 2010) on 11th
. includes a presentation by "Glen Van Peski" (GOSSAMER GEAR) about Ultralight Backpacking.

13 people started from "Mizugaki Hut" and hiked all the way to "Okutama Station". Total distance is 64 km (40 mi) . Most of the trails in Japan are on the line of mountain ridges, and there are lot of up and downs.... Distance you can hike a day is less than most of the trails in USA.

EVERNEW will continue to have great event like this to educate people how to go lighter and have more fun on backcountry.
Thank you for participation this event!!

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