Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gear Review by PCT Thru hiker Shin "Turtle" Hasegawa

Review based on my 2,650 mile (PCT Thru Hike) of on trail test

What I simply felt about this stove from my 4 month and 2650 miles of use was "GREAT".

Technically speaking, it has a light weight and stable construction. This stove is designed to make a narrow and tall flame which makes the pre-heat time shorter. Because of this design, it even performs well in cold weather. When you use the stove without stand, it is very fuel-efficient too and the flame is very stable after pre-heating phase.

During a long hike or thru hike, cooking is a big part of a trail life. This stove works great when you are boiling more than 400ml of water. I normally boil little over 500ml of water for a cup of Tea and Cooking a meal. After 500 ml of water comes to a boil, I normally make a cup of Tea and cook food with left over water. This stove burned long enough to do that with minimum amount of fuel.

This stove boils water fast enough efficiently, and comfortably. You can get used to any types of gear if you use it over and over, but you need a gear that you can use without any stress when you a hiking long distance. Evernew Titanium Alcohol Stove was exactly the item that I used without any stress during my long trail life.

Compare to other alcohol stove in the market, this stove may not have a strong character, but this is definitely the most comfortable and stable stove which I choose for any style of backpacking trip.

Finally, I found the best Stove that I would use for my life.

Shin "Turtle" Hasegawa

Evernew Alcohol Stove を使ってみて







Shin "Turtle" Hasegawa

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