Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kaufmann Mercantile Picked up Evernew Appalachian Set

Evernew Titanium Stove

Ultra strong, ultra light, and won’t corrode. As far as metals go, it’s superior. It could be outside for an entire summer, an entire winter, an entire lifetime, and it will still be an intact, usable piece of pure titanium. Keep it in the family and your grandkid

will be drinking a piping of cup of coffee in the same titanium cup you did.

When camping, every ounce counts, as does every square inch in the rucksack. Everything has to be able to take a beating and carry on singing, and if it’s not bringing you comfort or the necessaries of surviving, it’s not coming.

This little stove and cup combo brings both. Boil your water to purify it and drink it out of the pot you boiled it in. Heat up your coffee. Cook your dinner in it, give it a rinse, and finish with a sip of whiskey. Everything tastes better in the outdoors and the fact that it’s made completely out of titanium means it won’t leach any unwanted chemicals into your warm and nutritious food.

It also won’t budge, and won’t topple over. It has no frills and no silly moving parts. This sturdy little marvel is the god that crushable, aluminum beercan stoves pray to. Best of all, every piece of the stove fits inside the securely lidded pot, which holds 500 ml, or just over 2 cups.

Aside from losing it down a mountainside or to the imperial jaws of a grizzly who absconds with it in the night, this compact stove set is virtually impervious to harm.

Comes with three parts, all made with titanium: a lidded pot, an alcohol stove, and a multi-fuel stand with wind guard.


The best fuel is denatured alcohol, which is cheap, clean burning, and can be found in camping stores, hardware stores and gas stations.

Set the stove on a patch of level ground. 40 ml of fuel can burn for about 12 minutes, enough time to cook up something tasty or boil four cups of water. Put the fuel in the fuel chamber and if it’s cold, douse the outside of the entire stove in a few drops and light it. This will reduce cooking time by instantly heating up the metal. The flames on the outside will burn off and soon whatever’s in your pot will be piping hot.

If you don’t have denatured alcohol on you, simply remove the fuel chamber and use wood or other solid burning material.

The lid handle is protected with heat resistant silicone, the pot handle is not, so you’re going to want to use gloves or at least your shirt sleeve when lifting your yummy stew off the stove.

Clean it with soap and water and air or pat dry. If water supply is low, clean it by filling the inside with sand or dirt and then give it a good shake and swipe with a towel. Alcohol burns clean, but if you have carbon residue from wood or other fuel and want to get the black off, use steel wool or a hard brush.


This little set was born in the lab, inspired on the mountain, and manufactured in ice.

Outside of space exploration and medicine, it’s relatively unheard of to work with titanium that’s only 3 mm thick, because the titanium is likely to crack or break when pulled into shape in sub-zero temps.

Using a cold press machine, countless research hours, rigorous testing and lots of love, the Evernew have learned to bend this super metal to their whim. The parts are made one at a time by hand, the edge of each cup painstakingly bent to fit comfortably against your lip. This stove has been used and enjoyed at 14,000 feet.


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