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EVERNEW Nonstick Titanium Cookware Series has received "Editor's Choice Gold Award 2010" from Backpacker's Magazine. (エディターズ・チョイス・ゴールド・アワード2010を受賞しました。)

PRESS RELEASE (Jan. 2010): *******************************************************


The industry’s most coveted award honors the best new gear

and essentials for outdoor enthusiasts

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, January 21 EVERNEW NON-STICK TITANIUM COOKWARE has been honored as a recipient of a 2010 Backpacker magazine Editors’ Choice Award, the most prestigious award in the outdoor industry, given annually to products in recognition of their outstanding innovation in design, materials and/or performance.

ソルトレーク市、ユタ州 121日 - エバニュー、ノンスティックチタン クッカーが2010年バックパッカーマガジン・エディターズチョイス・ゴールド・アワードに選ばれました。この賞はアウトドア業界の中で、革新的デザイン、素材、そしてパフォーマンスにおいて秀でた商品に送られるものです。

Backpacker Editor-In-Chief Jonathan Dorn and his staff of editors and testers presented EVERNEW NON-STICK TITANIUM COOKWARE with the award at the annual Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Salt Lake City, Utah on Thursday, January 21st.

バックパッカーマガジン編集長-ジョナサン・ドーン氏と編集者及びテスターにより、エバニュー、ノンスティックチタンクッカーが2010Outdoor Retailerショーで、「GOLD AWARD」受賞商品として紹介されました。

The Backpacker Editors’ Choice Awards, bestowed annually since 1993, honor the products that Backpacker editors have chosen as the best of the year based on months of trail testing by teams of highly experienced hikers and climbers. With no set categories for the awards and no set number of recipients, the products and the testing process drive the award categories.


EVERNEW NON-STICK TITANIUM COOKWARE was one of only 15 innovative products that have been honored with a 2010 Backpacker Editors’ Choice Award. Evernew, Inc. has been making Titanium cookware for 17 years. Titanium is the ultimate material for use in backcountry travel. Not only is Titanium exceptionally versatile, it’s also lightweight like aluminum, stronger than stainless steel, and fully corrosion-resistant. Evernew uses a non-Teflon, silicon based ceramic coating. PFOA, Perfluorooctanoic acid, is used in the production of Teflon. Little is known about PFOA, but what is known raises strong concerns regarding human health – especially the effects on children. Seven major manufacturers of Teflon coatings agreed in January 2006 to discontinue the use of PFOA by 2015.


“In an era of dime-a-dozen digital gear reviews, consumers are looking for product evaluations that they can really trust,” said Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Dorn. “And no one does more than our test team to make sure that our selections earn the respect that Backpacker awards get. Led by Gear Editor Kristin Hostetter, the dozen or so core members of our crew hiked more than 15,000 miles this year, then finished our testing for Editors’ Choice with a 100-mile route through the Swiss Alps that entailed more than 60,000 feet of elevation gain, hours of waist-deep postholing, and weather conditions that challenged every piece of gear we packed. The result of the team’s hard work is a collection of smart, durable products that will deliver comfort and performance for many years to come.”


"Evernew is proud to be the first company to introduce titanium cookware to the backpacking community. Over that 17 years, we worked to develop cutting edge designs while keeping the highest product quality and a customer focus. Evernew's ongoing commitment to support the backpacker community with the most rugged, high quality lightweight gear is our number one goal. " said Evernew America, General Manager, Takashi Fukuchi.

The Backpacker Editors’ Choice Awards are the gold standard against which all outdoor products are measured, and are a seal of approval that can help put an outdoor company or product on the proverbial map. Each year at the Outdoor Retailer show, retail buyers use the awards announcements as a must-buy shopping list, knowing that their customers will be asking for these products in the spring.

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