Monday, September 13, 2010

TRAUMA - EVERNEW (Ti Pot) USER -トラウマ氏はエバニューユーザー-

BEAUTIFUL Titanium Pot!!
Justin Lichter (AKA: TRAUMA) hiked 30,000 miles with this EVERNEW 900ml Non Stick Titanium Pot (ECA-422). トラウマと30,000マイル(48、280km)のハイキングを共にしたエバニュー・ノンスティックチタンクッカー900ml

This Titanium Pot does not have any dents. Lid still fits perfectly. This pot proves why Titanium Pot is recommended to all backpackers and mountain climbers.

About TRAUMA:トラウマについて
I grew up about an hour north of NewYork City and have since lived in Santa Barbara, CA, southern VT, Dillon, CO, and I am currently living in Truckee, CA. When not hiking, I am a ski patroller and enjoy backcountry skiing, nordic skiing, snowshoeing, mountain biking, and pretty much anything else relaxing. Since 2002, I have hiked over 20,000 miles. In 2002 doing a cross-country map and compass trip through the canyon country of southern utah, in 2003 hiking from Georgia to Cap Gaspe, Quebec following the Appalachian Trail and International AT, 2004 hiking the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada and then the Pacific Northwest Trail to the Washington coast, 2005 the Continental Divide Trail from Mexico to Canada then continuing on the Great Divide Trail from the Canadian border up into northern Alberta, 11/1/05 to 10/23/06 completing the Eastern Continental Trail (cap gaspe, qc to key west, florida, incorporating the AT), Pacific Crest Trail, and Continental Divide Trail in under a year, a total of over 10,000 miles, and in 2007 a traverse of the Southern Alps and the south island of New Zealand.

Here are some of his pictures with EVERNEW GEAR!!

Trauma Under Granite Gear TarpHiking,,,
He keeps hiking...

Thanks, Trauma for the beautiful pictures.

You can also find a lot of educational resources at !!

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