Thursday, September 2, 2010


Second day of Outdoor Retailer Show 2010, EVERNEW invited some friends in the industry to our first Minimalist Party.

We had Dave Baker (Owner of SUMMIT HUT: Tucson, AZ) as a presenter.
>アリゾナ州、ツーソン市のアウトドア専門店SUMMIT HUTのオーナー、デイブ・ベイカー氏にプレゼンテーションを行っていただきました。

Glen Van Peski (Founder of Gossamer Gear) did a presentation of "What's in my Pack" and his thought on "Ultralight Backpacking".

I hope everyone had Fun and chance to have a great communication . Main purpose of this party was to create a chance for all guests to have a communication with people in the same industry. Dave talked about his backpacking trip to Arizona Trail, and his gears. Glen talked about his gears including a little tiny (about a size of my palm) sleeping pad, and also his thought on "Ultralight Backpacking". This party was FULL of Fun and Education!
We had almost 30 guests at the first party. Some are retailers and some are Gear manufacturer. I am wondering how many people I will be able to invite next year. I already have some thought in my mind... Please contact me if you have any suggestions for next year.
デイブ氏にはご自身のアリゾナ トレイルのバックパッキングとギアについてお話いただきました。またグレン氏においては、彼のギアの紹介と説明を行っていただきました。さらにウルトラライト バックパッキングの哲学的な部分もお話いただきました。


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