Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Minimalist Party 2011 Summer Outdoor Retailer Show

At Outdoor Retailer Show 2011 Summer in Salt Lake City, UTAH, EVERNEW invited friends to our second Annual Minimalist Party.

We had a first Minimalist party last year and invited 20 guests. This year we had 30 guests at the party. It has been a great experience to meet with many people who are leading Ultralight backpacking movement. Purpose of this party is to communicate with people and exchange new ideas in order to

Here is the list of Companies and people shared the FUN Night:

MLH Wilderness Supply


Special Thanks:
Hanamaru (Catering)

Justin Lichter (AKA Trauma) made a great presentation about his 2400 mile Himalaya trip that he just came back from. This minimalist party was the first Himalaya trip presentation. Even though he has done triple crown in 1 year... yes 360 days of hiking in 1 year... in the past, this hiking in 20,000 ft elevation was the most difficult trip that he has ever experienced. What Trauma has done was little more than Backpacking, but the gears that he used were not too far from what you use for regular backpacking trip.

Check out his gear list:

Great people, Great Food, Great Weather!

We will meet again at Minimalist Party 2012!

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