Tuesday, August 23, 2011

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Evernew Appalachian Set

Evernew America, a company known for its titanium cookware, was showing an interesting integrated stove-and-cookset nicknamed the Appalachian Set.

The Appalachian Set includes five interchangeable components (also available separately) that together create a versatile, light stove system.

An ultralight titanium alcohol stove forms the center of the system, which nests in two interlocking cylinders. The stove, nested in the cylinders, forms a stand for a 500-ml pot.

The pot incorporates a raised ridge on its underside, to prevent it from sliding off the top of the stove and dumping ramen on your lap.

A separate titanium trivet enables users to dispense with the locking cylinders in still weather and cook directly on the stove. Out of alcohol? Set up the cylinders without the stove and you have a serviceable micro-wood fueled stove.




  1. It looks cool... black metals yet light weight... and awesome features... hmmm... look's like I have to make more effort in picking up firewood in our backyard...

  2. Very nice set!

    Are there any bigger pots, existing or planned, that has the raised ridge? 500 ml is a tiny bit too small for my use (water for 2 freeze dried meals, ≈300ml per)